Leads Not Turning into Sales? This is How to Fix it

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What Good are Leads if They Don’t Turn into Customers?

Trying to figure out how to get high quality leads from your website and ad campaigns?

We’ve heard many, many times that clients used to work with Company A for their digital marketing, but the leads they got were garbage!

They want to know why, and we’re guessing you do, too.

Here’s the thing: Getting anyone to become a “lead” isn’t hard. Getting the right people to become leads is why people hire us.

How do you do that, though?

You MUST Qualify Your Leads

“Qualify your leads….” What does that even mean?

Let’s say, for example, you’re selling custom-made guitars.

Making custom guitars takes A TON OF TIME!!!

And you don’t want to be tied up with phone calls from “leads” who want a custom guitar for $1,000, not the $5-10,000 it’s worth.

Sure, we could get phone calls for you, but think about this scenario:

We get 50 phone calls for you each month through a solid ad campaign that is geared toward getting phone calls.

If only 1 or 2 of those calls turn into a sale because the leads aren’t qualified, what does that actually cost you?

Let’s Break Down the Cost of Low-Quality Leads

A ballpark cost-per-click would be around $3. If you have a 4% conversion rate (which is just above average), then the cost for each conversion is $75.

Doesn’t sound too bad at this point, right?

50 calls (conversions) each month would then cost $3,750 in ad spend.

Ouch, a little. That’s still not too bad if you can get some decent sales closed, right?

If we’re running your ad campaigns, well, you’ve got to pay us, too! For campaigns under $5,000/mo, our agency fee is $1,250/mo (very fair, by the way, if you shop around).

You’d now be at $5,000 in cost each month for 2 sales.

You’ve got you’re time, the cost of building the guitars, and paying for marketing—it adds up quickly!

Put simply, 2 sales in this case is NOT ENOUGH to justify your costs at this point.

It starts with this easily-overlooked problem: a phone call is extremely easy, TOO EASY!

A lot of people will call with no interest in paying what your products are worth.

There’s no barrier to entry to keep low-quality leads out, in this case.

How We Prevent Low-Quality Leads from Coming Through and Wasting Your Time and Money

As we mentioned in our post about Calls to Action, the best way to prevent low-quality leads is to use a lead form that asks several questions upfront about:

  • The type of guitar they want (electric, acoustic, classical, hollow-body, etc.)
  • What body style (dreadnaught, cut-away, grand auditorium, v-shape, etc.)
  • Kinds of wood for the body and the body top (Kona, Sitka Spruce, etc.)
  • Inlay for the fretboard (abalone, Italian Acrylic, etc.)
  • You get the idea

Why do this?

  1. It gives the customer the feeling that you know what you’re doing and have already thought about how to give them the options they want.
  2. It’s a bit involved, and most window shoppers won’t go through the effort, so you’ll get a much higher quality lead.

But you still want calls! We totally get it.

Should you still include your contact info on your website? Yes!

But the main Call to Action (CTA) will direct potential leads to “Customize Yours” instead of “Call Us NOW,” and if that’s the repeat messaging, they’ll understand that this is the best way to begin the process of getting their new custom guitar.

For shoppers who prefer to call, definitely have contact info available, but it won’t be highlighted with a high-contrast CTA button like the CTA that directs shoppers to your lead form.

Which would you rather have?

15 highly-qualified leads that turn into 8 or 10 sales,


50 extra phone calls a month that turn into 1 or 2 sales?

We use this method for of our clients, and our targeted ads help bring in the types of leads who WILL fill out the longer contact form because they are READY to sign up.


  • Pursuing high-quality leads is ALWAYS better than getting a large quantity of low-quality leads
  • Use smart and involved lead forms to:
    • make the customer feel they’re already starting the transaction with you, and
    • keep out low-quality leads who aren’t going to convert

Shameless Pitch

Gathering high-quality leads is what we do! If you’re ready to truly transform your business and step it up a notch (or 10), we’d love to talk!

Is it going to cost money? Yes, but the return we get our clients is typically 4-5x what they invest.

For us, 400% is our baseline. Why? You have costs other than marketing and ad spend. If we aren’t hitting at least 400% return for our clients, we seriously re-evaluate and (if needed) re-strategize to fix it.

If you understand that true growth requires a team fully committed to YOUR SUCCESS, reach out to us!

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