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We’ve had the pleasure of several direct web design clients and many in collaboration with other agencies. Below is a small handful of clients we’ve worked with, and more samples are available upon request.

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Most Recent Work

417 Spine Devices

Conversion Optimized and SEO-focused Website for 417 Spine

417 Spine was combining two strong chiropractic offices in Springfield Missouri into one new brand. They needed a strong website focused on capturing more leads both from their ad campaigns and organic SEO traffic.

We put together a customized strategy to make conversion optimization and SEO the main focus for every page. Since we launched their new website, they’ve averaged an extra 30 leads per week.

Mission accomplished.

LetsIncent.com displayed in an iMac and phone

New Website & Marketing Kit for Incent

Incent came to us looking for a full revamp of their digital presentation, from their website to their pitch deck, sales sheet, advertising, and sales process.

We helped Incent prep for a major disruption in the Foodservice industry with their game-changing SAAS platform!

Aero Documents website on iMac and smartphone

New Website & Digital Consulting for Aero Documents

Aero Documents is a new SAAS platform for companies who need FAA approval for alterations to their aircraft. The platform allows you to find FAA Delegated Engineering Representatives and hire them for your alterations.

Being a brand new company, Aero Documents didn’t yet have a digital presence and wanted to start off on the right foot with their digital presentation, branding, and offer. We helped them identify how to present and organize their offer to a niche market with their new website. Check it out!

Ready for a website that performs?

More Happy Clients

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If you need a reliable partner for your website project, we’d be honored to speak with you.

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What's Included with Development/Design Time?

Below we list some examples of what you get as part of the Development/Design Time for both our Dynamic and Robust plans. We also give some specific scenarios so you can see what types of work are and aren't included.

Dynamic Plan

  • Replacing text and logos
  • Changing menus
  • Adding images (to galleries, for example)
  • Publishing and editing blog posts
  • Changing fonts, font colors, and text shadows
  • Changing background colors
  • Changing menus, page titles, and permalinks
  • Adding/configuring plugins and changing settings
  • Changing theme settings
  • CSS adjustments
  • And more*

Robust Plan

Everything included in the Dynamic Plan above, as well as:

  • Adding/removing/editing e-commerce products
  • Adding/removing/editing vehicle listings
  • Adding/removing/editing real estate or rental listings (doesn't include IDX/API management)
  • Changing product pricing, attributes, or other details
  • Adjusting shipping settings for products
  • Configuring WooCommerce settings

*Essentially, anything that can be adjusted from the WordPress Dashboard is included as part of your Development/Design Time.

A Few Example Scenarios

Example #1
Included: You email us pictures to add to one of your website's photo galleries. Not Included: You ask us to remove all the backgrounds of the photos before putting them on the website galleries.
Example #2
Included: You need a calendar plugin installed and configured. Not Included: You need us to develop a calendar plugin from scratch.
Example #3
Included: You decide to change the tone of your color scheme and would like us to change fonts, font colors, and background colors on all your pages. Not Included: You decide you don't like the look of your home page and want us to design a completely new layout. NOTE: If you simply need a section of a page added or changed, and your theme can accommodate this, we are happy to perform this as part of your allotted Development/Design Time.
Example #4
Included: You have a few new employees you'd like listed on your team/about page, so you send us bios and images. Not Included: You ask us if we can pull profile pictures from Facebook and put them on the team/about page for your new employees.
Example #5 (Robust Plan Only)
Included: You took photos of a used car you recently got in stock, and you them email to us along with the vehicles listing details for us to put up on the website. Not Included: You send us photos of the car, but you want us to look up technical specs to list on the website.

*Even though some work might not be covered in our maintenance plans, we can always invoice separately for work that goes outside the scope of our Protection Plans. Give us a call at (417) 838-2276! Our experienced developers are more than happy to help you create new layouts, develop plugins, and create websites or pages for you.