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The stats you see below are used with permission from Kingdom Playgrounds. In just 8 weeks from launching their website and ad campaigns, we achieved the following:


Project ROI in First 8 Weeks

Avg. Time On Webite

New Weekly Sales Calls

New Weekly Chat Sessions


Kingdom Playgrounds began in the late 80s as a commercial playground dealer for schools, churches, and apartment buildings. The business had been set aside for several years, though, before the new owners inherited it from family.

The new owners saw opportunity with the business, but they wanted to shift from commercial products to selling residential, backyard playgrounds directly to consumers online.

Since re-launching in November 2019, they have become the #3 dealer in sales for Gorilla Playsets, a nationwide, high-end playground manufacturer in Georgia.

KP Mosaic

Original Kingdom Playgrounds owner, Aimee, with her children on playgrounds she designed in El Cajon, CA


When Kingdom Playgrounds came to us, we both knew they had a mountain to climb. Their direct competitors were big box stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and a handful of highly-successful specialty playground websites.

Though they were going against huge players in the game, Kingdom Playgrounds was committed to making this business a success. We both knew that was only going to happen by being better than their competitors in every possible way to overcome their advantages. With that in mind, we got to work.

With every major project, our team breaks everything into Project Aspects. We start by looking at the end goal for the project, and we work backwards from the end goal to determine what is needed to meet it. Below are the major Project Aspects we completed for Kingdom Playgrounds to help them become successful very quickly.

Looking for serious ROI?


Market Research

Market Trend Survey

We conducted an in-depth market survey. Looking back 15 years, we pulled data that showed us:

  • Customer demographics
  • Seasonal shopping fluctuation
  • Realistic expectation for 1st-year ROI (hint: it was huge)
  • Best search terms for their industry
  • Most-searched brands and competitors
  • Average conversion lead time

We then took that market data and put together our strategy, knowing what to expect from the market and what Project Aspects to prioritize at time of launch vs. 3-4 months after launch.

With brands just starting out like Kingdom Playgrounds, we recommended conducting this survey before moving forward with the project. One of our primary goals is always to establish expected ROI. We want all our clients to feel comfortable with their opportunity for success before they invest a large amount of time and money into a new business.

competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

In order to help Kingdom Playgrounds succeed against steep competition with deep pockets, we had to understand what their competitors were doing right, and what they were doing wrong.

We identified each major competitor’s specific advantages and weaknesses to get a comprehensive picture of how to win business based on true competitive advantage, not just price comparison (hint: Kingdom Playgrounds did not have the lowest price vs. many competitors).

General Analysis

Customer Needs Analysis

To get a website with high conversions out of the gate, we had to understand their ideal customers on a deeper level—their fears, questions, pains, concerns, hopes, and wants.

Both before and after the Kingdom Playgrounds website and ad campaigns launched, we conducted strategy sessions and gathered behavioral data to help anticipate roadblocks and overcome them before they stopped someone from purchasing. Rather than a purely “pies and charts” look at their audience, though, we sought to understand on a personal (and more emotional) level what is most important to THEIR ideal customer when making a purchase.



WordPress and WooCommerce Logos

WordPress with WooCommerce

For this project, we decided it would be best to use WordPress with WooCommerce. Here’s why:

Scalability:The website will handle as many products as the client wants without limitations.

Customization: All aspects of the website are customizable. If we need to make changes to help increase conversions, we have the ability to make it with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Custom Checkout: The checkout experience is directly related to purchase conversions. With WordPress and WooCommerce, we’re able to make the experience 100% custom to maximize conversion rates.

KP Visual Product Comparison Area

Visual Product Feature Highlights

Where many product pages are limited to a description, gallery, and attribute table, we wanted to highlight the features of Kingdom Playgrounds’ products in a way that would help their customers understand why they are superior (and, hence, more expensive).

The product feature highlight section is on every product page. We added this section to all product pages after the initial launch and saw conversions double afterward.

Customers were able to have a visual comparison between Kingdom Playgrounds’ products and inferior competitor products and SEE the difference, which highlighted safety and durability, the two top concerns for interested customers in this niche.

Add to Cart Scene

Abandoned Cart Tracking & Recovery

Abandoned cart rates are high across all e-commerce industries, but especially with high-ticket products. Abandoned carts create a huge opportunity, though!

We tested several methods over the course of 8 weeks and were able to find the most effective strategy for Kingdom Playgrounds. We were able to increase email capture for abandoned carts and put those customers into an email drip to encourage them to come back. This effort alone gained an extra $13K in the first 8 weeks!


A Personal Copywriting Approach

Though Kingdom Playgrounds is based online, we know the next wave of successful e-commerce stores will be increasing a personalized approach to purchasing. Our client was fully on board.

Through website chat, multiple placements of company contact info, and copy on every product page that answers concerns and questions for customers, we signaled to their customers that Kingdom Playgrounds is a company who has already thought about your questions and tried to answer them, but they encourage you to speak with them directly, too, so they can help you find what you need.

We saw 3 times the purchases from visitors who had a chat or phone call with Kingdom Playgrounds vs. those who didn’t.

Many competitors had chat features, as well. Here’s what we did differently: we tested messaging on the chat prompt and found that when we mentioned that the person on the other end of the chat was based in Springfield, MO, engagement nearly doubled, which also increased purchases.

Email Design

Email Setup & Design

Kingdom Playgrounds was completely new to the online space, so we knew they were going to need to build their email list to maximize other marketing efforts. Here are some of the methods we employed to gather and nurture a list of prospective customers for Kingdom Playgrounds:

Coupon Opt-Ins. We tested messaging in different locations across the website, including with pop-ups triggered by specific actions, to find the right combination to boost opt-ins.

Newsletter Email Design. With their new following, we helped Kingdom Playgrounds design a re-usable email template design that they could use for all their email updates to their subscribers.

Transactional Email Design. This is often overlooked by web designers, but post-purchase customer assurance is HUGE, especially with high-ticket e-commerce. We designed professional, clean transactional emails that would boost customer satisfaction and brand credibility.

Data Trends

Behavioral and Purchase Analytics

Understanding user behavior is essential to understanding your customers. One of the best ways to do this from a data standpoint is to use analytics tracking like Google Analytics.

We set up in-depth Google Analytics tracking for Kingdom Playgrounds so they could see the data most important for their specific business. Here are a few examples of the types of custom analytics they get in the account we set up for them:

  • Average time from first website visit to purchase conversion
  • Products with the fastest vs. slowest purchase timeline
  • Average time on site for organic vs. paid traffic
  • Products with the most add-to-carts
  • Geographic areas with the highest conversions

Having this data helped immensely with fine-tuning the website and ad campaigns to get the highest conversions possible very quickly.

Looking for serious ROI?


Shopping Search

Search & Shopping Ads

To find interested shoppers actively searching for backyard playgrounds, we went to the biggest source of active shoppers: Google.

Using a combination of Google Search and Google Shopping Ads, we were able to help Kingdom Playgrounds become a true contender with the likes of Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, and Amazon.

We knew our client needed maximum (and repeated) brand exposure to be successful in a market dominated by huge brands.

We ensured that 90% of the time a big brand’s ad showed up, Kingdom Playgrounds ads were right there, as well. And it worked. Kingdom Playgrounds is now the #3 dealer for their brand of products, and we plan to take them to the #1 spot in 2020.

Shopping Search

Campaign & Feed Optimization

We didn’t just set up campaigns and let them run wild. We monitored and adjusted targeting, bids, shopping feeds, and delivery schedules to help Kingdom Playgrounds get the MOST out of their ad campaigns.

When it was clear a change would bring a higher ROI, we made the change, and Kingdom Playgrounds reaped a huge benefit from it. Even still, we’re optimizing our ad strategy to get better and better results all the time.


Audience Retargeting

We have a proven hierarchy with our targeting that ensures recent, frequent, and engaged visitors are retargeted. Increasing exposure frequency has given Kingdom Playgrounds increasing returns over time, and we continue to optimize with the same principle in mind with our ad campaigns as we have with our branding strategy: repeated brand exposure is always going to help your business grow.


Website sales don’t happen on their own, especially with a new business. It takes the right team of individuals who are passionate about your success to achieve what we have for Kingdom Playgrounds.

As you saw in this case study, we don’t cut corners and over-automate our process—we aren’t a “set it and forget it” kind of agency.

We believe true ROI comes from a long-term strategy that adapts to new data and makes the appropriate adjustments to bring you the highest return possible. We are in business to win for our clients!

If that’s the kind of team you want working with your business, click the button below!