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Increase online sales and improve the user experience so your customers keep coming back.

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E-Commerce Shopping animated graphic green

Your New E-Commerce Website

Redefining comprehensive e-commerce

Conversion Focused

Every decision we make when building your new website is based on data proven to increase online sales.

Your site will utilize several layers of design that influence decision-making and earn more revenue.

Customized Strategy

Your shop has unique selling points that make you the best choice for your customers.

We’ll strategize to identify these selling points so your new website presents you as the best place to shop from.

Custom Product Layouts

Other agencies often use lackluster product page templates, which are rarely designed for maximized sales.

We can build 100% custom product pages that are high-converting and scalable.

Cart Recovery

Most e-commerce platforms don’t track abandoned carts for you. Our sites always include abandoned cart tracking and custom-designed recovery emails.

Email Design

Most overlook this, but transaction email design is extremely important for repeat business (and branding). It’s always included with our e-commerce websites.

Custom Navigation

Site navigation has a huge impact on conversions. Whether it’s simple or complex, we’ll make sure it’s easy for customers to find what they want!

Speed Optimized

A slow website severely limits your website conversions. The faster a website loads, the more money it makes.

We build, test, optimize, test, and optimize again until your website is blazing fast.

Custom Opt-Ins

Want to skyrocket sales? You’ve got to build a customer list to engage with.

We’ll build custom opt-ins with smart conditional logic to build your list and get more business from your visitors.

Responsive Design

Most of your website visitors are using a phone or tablet, and they won’t tolerate a desktop-only website. (Do you?)

You can’t afford for anything less than a fantastic mobile experience, and that’s exactly what your website will give.

Ready for more online sales?

Going the Extra Mile

Leave Nothing to Chance

Ready to Expand

We fully EXPECT you to grow and add products or new brands, so we build your website to be stable and ready for expansion at any time.

Hosting Included

Want to make sales? You’re going to need speed and security, which means stellar hosting. Every website we build includes full hosting setup on your own dedicated server.

PCI Compliant

If you’re selling online, PCI Compliance is required by law. We build for compliance so you can rest easy if you ever get audited.

Analytics Integration

Your website will include optimized placement of any tracking scripts.

Whether from Google, Facebook, Bing, or something else entirely, we’ll take care of it.

Security Certificate

Without a properly-installed security certificate (SSL), modern browsers will warn users not to enter your website! Talk about a revenue killer.

You’ll always have a proper SSL so your customer data is safe.

Blog Setup

You need to publish regular, new content to increase your organic website traffic.

Your website will include a full blog setup with custom, dynamic layouts to ensure your content strategy is successful.


If right now your store went down, would you be able to quickly restore it? What data would you lose? For our clients, they never have to worry. All our stores are backed up 2x a day with one-click restore.

Spam Prevention

Ask any e-commerce store owner how many spam registrations they get. This ends up costing money when spam users register for your email lists. We implement reCaptcha registration to nearly eliminate this issue.

Policy Pages

Privacy Policies and Terms of Use pages can be a pain, but you can end up in serious legal trouble without them. We can help with these legal documents through partnerships with the best internet lawyers in the country.
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Let’s Chat!

If you need a reliable partner for your e-commerce website project, we’d be honored to speak with you.

Reach out using the button below, or call us directly at (417) 838-2276!

What's Included with Development/Design Time?

Below we list some examples of what you get as part of the Development/Design Time for both our Dynamic and Robust plans. We also give some specific scenarios so you can see what types of work are and aren't included.

Dynamic Plan

  • Replacing text and logos
  • Changing menus
  • Adding images (to galleries, for example)
  • Publishing and editing blog posts
  • Changing fonts, font colors, and text shadows
  • Changing background colors
  • Changing menus, page titles, and permalinks
  • Adding/configuring plugins and changing settings
  • Changing theme settings
  • CSS adjustments
  • And more*

Robust Plan

Everything included in the Dynamic Plan above, as well as:

  • Adding/removing/editing e-commerce products
  • Adding/removing/editing vehicle listings
  • Adding/removing/editing real estate or rental listings (doesn't include IDX/API management)
  • Changing product pricing, attributes, or other details
  • Adjusting shipping settings for products
  • Configuring WooCommerce settings

*Essentially, anything that can be adjusted from the WordPress Dashboard is included as part of your Development/Design Time.

A Few Example Scenarios

Example #1
Included: You email us pictures to add to one of your website's photo galleries. Not Included: You ask us to remove all the backgrounds of the photos before putting them on the website galleries.
Example #2
Included: You need a calendar plugin installed and configured. Not Included: You need us to develop a calendar plugin from scratch.
Example #3
Included: You decide to change the tone of your color scheme and would like us to change fonts, font colors, and background colors on all your pages. Not Included: You decide you don't like the look of your home page and want us to design a completely new layout. NOTE: If you simply need a section of a page added or changed, and your theme can accommodate this, we are happy to perform this as part of your allotted Development/Design Time.
Example #4
Included: You have a few new employees you'd like listed on your team/about page, so you send us bios and images. Not Included: You ask us if we can pull profile pictures from Facebook and put them on the team/about page for your new employees.
Example #5 (Robust Plan Only)
Included: You took photos of a used car you recently got in stock, and you them email to us along with the vehicles listing details for us to put up on the website. Not Included: You send us photos of the car, but you want us to look up technical specs to list on the website.

*Even though some work might not be covered in our maintenance plans, we can always invoice separately for work that goes outside the scope of our Protection Plans. Give us a call at (417) 838-2276! Our experienced developers are more than happy to help you create new layouts, develop plugins, and create websites or pages for you.