2021 Rebrand

Moso Updates

We’re excited to announce that we have rebranded! Formerly Eiffel Sites, our company is now called Moso Digital. And while the obvious logo and colors have changed, there are a few other things we want to point out, as well.

Scope of Services

Before we offered a wide range of marketing services, but with our rebrand comes a renewed focus on providing top-class websites and website care for our clients. Below are the services we no longer offer, as well as the ones we still do and will for the foreseeable future:

Services We Do Offer

Services We No Longer Offer Directly

  • Advertising Campaigns & Management
  • Photo & Video Shoots
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding & Logo Design

Why the Change in Services?

Without getting into the technical weeds (they run deep), over the past two years in particular, the digital landscape has shifted in several major ways. Because of rapid-fire industry changes, and the required technical knowledge to keep up and serve our clients to the standard we hold ourselves to, we frankly came to a point where we had to decide:

Be a “Jack of all trades” kind of company, or double-down on one service area and focus our efforts on mastery for the sake of our clients and their success.

We chose mastery, and we chose to continue building and maintaining WordPress websites as our main areas of service.


The recent changes (especially in terms of SEO best practices) in website design & development expectations, both from users and search engines, cater to the type of websites we already build and have always tried to build for our clients:

Namely, websites with the best possible user experience (UX) backed by personalized conversion strategy to get the highest possible return on investment.

What if I need some of the services you no longer offer?

You are interested in working with Moso Digital for a new website project, but you also need someone to help in one of the service areas we no longer offer directly. No worries!

During our initial Discovery Call, we specifically ask about other needs you may have so we can refer you to companies we’ve worked with in the past who might be the right fit for you.

So Why Moso Digital?

Good question!

We’ve always been focused on helping our clients achieve fast, sustainable growth. The work we do today should bring your business more revenue ASAP…

but we also want the work we do to bring the right kind of growth that prepares your business to scale in a healthy, sustainable way.

In rebranding, we wanted a visual symbol to represent this two-fold goal of growth with stability, and we found no better symbol than the moso bamboo plant (pronounced “mow sow”, mōsō).

Bamboo is generally known as a fast-growing plant, but the moso species is considered one of the strongest and fastest growing plants in the world. It can grow multiple feet per day, but it’s also strong enough to reach up to 90 feet tall!

Fast growth with strength and resilience: the perfect symbol for our company. Thus, Moso Digital was born.

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